Bathroom install barn doors need think, barn doors these disadvantages need understand

1. Barn door poor airtightness, poor sound insulation

In order to ensure that the door slides smoothly, the track at the top of the barn door needs to be wide enough between the wall, which leads to the door and the wall will not fit completely, if the checkroom, kitchen, utility room are no problem, but if the bathroom will have a lot of embarrassment, for example, the water vapor will come out of the bath, when the stool will hear the sound and even the smell will come out, if there are guests in the security will be very low If there are guests in the security will be very low .

Barn doors with large gaps in the wall

2. Barn doors can not be installed on the lock

Most of the barn doors are not installed door locks, especially not do the door cover of the pass is no way to install the door lock, so the bathroom such a high demand for privacy space, barn doors will also have a reduced sense of security. Suitable for long-term single or two-person world, and usually there is no need to meet the family. If it is a wooden barn door and with a door set, you can install a separate barn door locks, purchase in advance to consult customer service is appropriate.

Glass barn doors for privacy and light transmission

3. Barn doors can not be installed on the hook

Many friends bath clothing will be hanging behind the door, but the barn door belongs to a kind of sliding door, and the wall overlap after most only 0.6in spacing, ordinary hooks can not open the door after installation, even if the thickness of folding hooks less than 0.6in, it is easy to forget to retrieve and bumped into the door frame, causing some damage.

Bathroom glass barn doors are not suitable for hanging clothes

4. Barn doors without handles to open trouble

Many barn doors inside is no handle, inside the door will be very hard to open and close, if there is no damping will often collide. It is recommended to try to install invisible handle when customizing, easy to open.

Barn doors without handles

5. Barn door water vapor will affect the wall

If the barn door installed in the wet area of the bathroom, when bathing the inside of the door will have water vapor condensation of water beads, when the barn door is opened, there will be water beads on the side close to the wall, if the general wall paint time will return to moisture, mold and even peeling, so in the stage of having oiler to choose water-resistant putty, water-resistant paint.

Bathroom mirrored barn doors