A long, narrow metal rail that the barn door slides along.

Track shape

Most barn door hardware features a flat track, but some designs have a rounded or tubular shape.

Track size

The width of the track can vary depending on the design and weight of the door. Standard track widths range from 1.5″ to 3″.


The hardware that attaches to the top of the barn door and slides along the track.


The wheels that enable the hangers to slide along the track.


The hardware that prevents the barn door from sliding off the track at either end.

Floor guide

A bracket or channel on the floor that keeps the bottom of the barn door from swinging out away from the wall.


The hardware used to pull the barn door open or closed.


The hardware that keeps the barn door closed.


A small metal or plastic piece that keeps the track a set distance away from the wall.


The hardware that attaches the track to the wall.

Header board

A board that is attached to the wall above the opening and supports the track.

Jamb mount

A bracket that attaches to the wall and supports the track on the side of the opening.

Soft-close mechanism

A mechanism that slows down the speed of the barn door as it approaches the closed position, preventing it from slamming shut.

Bypass hardware

Barn door hardware that allows two doors to slide past each other, typically used for closets or room dividers.

Double door kit

Barn door hardware designed for two doors that slide in opposite directions, meeting in the middle.

Weight capacity

The barn door hardware must be able to support the weight of the door. Most hardware is rated to handle doors weighing up to 200-300 pounds.


Barn door hardware is typically made of steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. Steel is the most common material and is known for its durability.


Barn door hardware is available in a variety of finishes, including black, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and stainless steel.


Installing barn door hardware requires drilling into the wall and attaching the track and brackets securely. It’s important to follow Kinmade instructions and use the appropriate tools and hardware.


Barn door hardware comes in a range of styles, from rustic and traditional to modern and sleek. The style of the hardware can be used to complement the overall design aesthetic of the room.

Single or double doors

Barn door hardware can be used with a single door or with double doors that slide in opposite directions. Double door hardware kits typically come with two tracks and hangers.


Kinmade offer customizable barn door hardware, allowing you to choose the finish, track length, and other features to fit your specific needs.

Noise level

Some types of barn door hardware can be noisy when the door is opened or closed, particularly if the rollers are metal-on-metal. To reduce noise, we use hardware with nylon or plastic rollers, or consider adding a soft-close mechanism.