Modern Door Solutions for European and American Markets: A Comprehensive Overview of KINMADE’s Premium Door Series

Introduction: In the realm of modern home design, KINMADE offers a range of premium door solutions that blend aesthetics with functionality. This article delves into the features and specifications of their top models, designed to cater to the European and American markets.

TM-A03 – The Modern 3 Lite Glass Door: The TM-A03 is a standout in KINMADE’s metal frame glass door series. This 3 lite door, measuring 2134mm by 940mm by 32mm, is crafted with 4mm thick tempered clear glass for safety and style. Its sleek design and sliding hardware set make it a practical choice for contemporary spaces.

BP-60C – Versatile Wardrobe Door Hardware: Designed for aluminum tracks, the BP-60C wardrobe door hardware is available in various sizes, from 1500mm to 2400mm, to fit a range of wardrobe dimensions. Its compact packaging and high-quality construction make it a durable option for sliding door solutions.

BS-SWW04 – The Functional and Stylish Barn Door Bookshelf: The BS-SWW04 is a barn door evolved into a bookshelf, offering a unique blend of functionality and style. Made from engineered wood composite, this door features a silent horizontal sliding mechanism and can be customized with various colors and styles to suit any room.

TM-AC03 – The Elegant Swing Door for Standard Openings: The TM-AC03 is a 3 lite metal frame glass door that includes a frame, hinges, and handle. With dimensions of 896mm by 2158mm by 40mm, this door is designed for standard door openings and provides an open view with its tempered clear glass panel.

GD-SWG05 – DIY 5-Panel Glass Engineered Wood Composite Door: The GD-SWG05 is a DIY door that combines the elegance of walnut wood color with the transparency of glass. Its compact packaging and detailed installation guide make it an accessible and stylish choice for homeowners looking to add a touch of modernity to their interiors.

Conclusion: KINMADE’s door series offers a variety of options for homeowners seeking to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of their living spaces. With a focus on quality and design, these doors are not just entries but statements of modern living.

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